The “Psycho”

I’m just a J.A.P. with ADHD who loves working out, researching conspiracy theories, and who has the God-given talent of being able to find anything about anybody online.

 “Cute But Psycho”, is a tongue-in-cheek title; meant to debunk the popular assumption that a girl is “psycho“, if she reacts when being disrespected or treated poorly in a relationship. I believe that if somebody creates and then drags another person into an unstable, dishonest, and jealousy-fueled environment, chances are, that feelings of insecurity and actions that seem “crazy”, will be the result.

My podcast is meant to shed light on how common toxic relationships have become, while helping to turn painful life experiences into distant memories. When listening to Cute But Psycho, you can expect to hear plenty about the ups and downs of relationships, difficulties of dating, well-researched conspiracy theories, what social media has done to our culture, health, fitness, and who knows what else…